Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2021 SYSA Fall Soccer tournament for the age group.
BU12 Silver A 10 - New Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Lake City Soccer Club
LC Orange Huskies
104168021   Anthony Goodson
 A2 LVR Soccer Club
LVR Thunderbolts
104169223   Jennifer Luke
 A3 SC Queen Anne
QA Soccer Eagles
104173124   Christopher Kleban
 A4 Woodland Soccer Club
WD Lightning Bolts
104178248   Marc Bissell
 A5 Shorelake Soccer Club
SL Hot Shots
01041760006   Samuel Brown
 A6 LVR Soccer Club
LVR Hammers
104169214   Marcin Zalewski
 A7 Capitol Hill Youth Soccer Club
CH Trash Pandas
104166041   Stefan Schachtell
 A8 Mt Baker - Lakewood Soccer Club
MBL Cerberus
104172113   Kevin Rivard
 A9 Ballard Youth Soccer Club
Bal Ewoks
104164168   Luke Giustra
 A10 Ballard Youth Soccer Club
Bal Turf Titans
104164094   Erin Bembry